No Apologies at Josi’s

No “let’s go round the circle” or nametags! No pressure to meet and talk to anyone and


If you are anything like me I am anxiety stricken with the idea of going out to eat with my son.  I find myself apologizing to the people around us for his unusual behavior, bad language and chanting.

Come to Josi’s and DO NOT APOLOGIZE!

This is a private event for special needs families only.  Your child must be diagnosed with a physical or mental disability.  Siblings and family are all welcome.

3rd Sunday of every month

Questions call Barb @ 773-510-4072

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We have a kid’s corner, 12 flavors of healthy frozen yogurt, coffee, hot chocolate, pizza and lots of games to play.

The shop will be closed to the public, doors locked for those “runners” and lighting turned down for those with sensory processing issues.  Hours of pure fun and anxiety free!

The store does open to the public at 11am so we have the store to ourselves for 1 hour. The second hour we will be open to the public with someone at the door at all times.