Birthday Parties

Lets get ready to PARTY!!!

Thanks for considering us for your child’s Birthday Party.

There are no cost to reserving space for a party at Josi’s. You do have two options on how you want to party.

  1. We can open an hour early so you have Josi’s all to yourself and your time will flow into the first hour of business. This allows you more time without other customers coming in.
  2. You can plan your party during business hours and I will reserve a space at the front that seats 16 to 20.

We offer a variety of refreshments, pizza and froyo so we do ask that you do not bring in outside food.  Décor we ask that you do not hang anything on the walls. Table top items are probably best. If you are choosing to pay for all your family and friends froyo we can run a tab for the two hours and pay at the end of the 2 hours. If you choose to have everyone pay for themselves that is fine as well.

The Birthday girl gets their froyo for FREE!

We are a self-serve froyo shop.  Kids get their frozen yogurt and add toppings, 0.47 cents an ounce.  The toppings consist of cookies, candies, fruit, and nuts.  We have smoothies, Italian sodas, sodas, juice. We also serve Pizza.

We are open year round.  However, our hours change with the seasons so please contact us for the current hours.