Swirlfusion vs. Milkshake

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Swirlfusion: No longer just a theory.

Create your own fusion with your blend of frozen yogurt, fruit and the mixins.

Our swirl-ologists will blend your mixins through the entire cup

Weight & eat!

16oz cup is used and we weigh the cup at the same price as the froyo 0.47cents an ounce

WARNING: Extreme sadness may occur upon reaching the bottom

One of our top secret formulas:
Chocolate covered pretzel fusion: sea salt caramel pretzel froyo + mini aramel cups + mint chocolate cookies (girls scout cookies) + hit fudge! 


Milkshake: Milkshake Monday’s COMING SOON!

Grab a cup – fill it with your favorite froyo – give it to the cashier

Our cashier will create a handspun milkshake designed specifically by you for you!

16oz cup is $4.75

My favorite milkshake: Cookies N Cream mixed with Dreamy Dark Chocolate because you can never have enough chocolate!